This Day in Beatle History

March 11

1965 (Mar 11) - Beatles Return From the Bahamas

The Beatles return from filming ‘Help!’ in the Bahamas.

1967 (Mar 11) - 446 Versions of 'Yesterday' Have Been Recorded

Music publisher, Dick James, announced that 446 different versions of the Paul McCartney song ‘Yesterday’ had been recorded so far.

1997 (Mar 11) - Paul McCartney Knighted

After having been an OBE for thirty years, Paul McCartney is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for service to popular music.

March 12

1963 (Mar 12) - Chris Montez and Tommy Roe Tour Continues

John Lennon, suffering from a heavy cold, was unable to perform, so The Beatles set was rearranged so that George and Paul could sing the parts that John usually sang.

1969 (Mar 12) - George and Patti Arrested for Possession

George’s home is targeted by London police officer Detective Sgt. Norman Pilcher. Pilcher is known for busting rock stars. Inside the home, George and Patti are arrested for possession of marijuana.

1969 (Mar 12) - Paul McCartney Marries Linda Eastman

Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman at Marylebone Register Office. They then held a reception lunch at The Ritz Hotel, Paul then went to Abbey Road studios in the evening to work. George Harrison and his wife Patti were arrested on the same day and charged with possession of 120 joints of marijuana.

1970 (Mar 12) - George and Patti Move

George and Patti move to Friar Park in Henley-on-Thames.

1971 (Mar 12) - Paul Wins Lawsuit to Dissolve The Beatles

Paul McCartney wins his lawsuit filed against the other Beatles. The ruling will dissolve The Beatles as an entity and turn their affairs over to a receiver – not Allen Klein, who is managing the other members.

1974 (Mar 12) - John Lennon Thrown Out of Troubador Club

John Lennon made the headlines after an incident at the Troubadour Club, LA. Out on a drinking binge with Harry Nilsson, Lennon hurled insults at the performing Smothers Brothers and punched their manager before being forcibly removed.

2008 (Mar 12) - American Idol All Beatles Show

American Idol presents an all Beatles episode.

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