This Day in Beatle History

March 24

1965 (Mar 24) - Filming on 'Help!' Continues

The Beatles continued filming Help! at Twickenham Studios, England. They shot the interior temple scenes, including the one where they dive through a hollow sacrificial altar and into water. That scene was then cut to the swimming pool scene filmed in the Bahamas on February 23.

1966 (Mar 24) - All Four Attend 'Alfie' Debut

All four Beatles are at the premiere of the film ‘Alfie’, co-starring Jane Asher.

1969 (Mar 24) - John and Yoko Lunch with Salvadore Dali

In Paris, John and Yoko have lunch with Salvadore Dali.

1970 (Mar 23) - Paul Finishes Mixing 'McCartney'

Paul finishes mixing the master tapes of his solo album ‘McCartney’.

1974 (Mar 24) - Paul Celebrates 'Venus And Mars' Release

To celebrate the release of the Wings album ‘Venus and Mars’, Paul McCartney throws a party on the Queen Mary to celebrate. Bo Dylan and Joni Mitchell are among the guests.

1979 (Mar 23) - Paul Releases 'Goodnight Tonight'

Paul releases ‘Goodnight Tonight’

2000 (Mar 24) - Yoko's Lost Film of John Lennon Sold

A film company paid £635,000, ($1,079,500) for over nine hours of film shot during the 70s by Yoko Ono. The film contained shots of Lennon smoking hash and talking about his political beliefs.

2013 (Mar 24) - Shea Stadium Pics Sold At Auction

Pictures of The Beatles’ 1965 Shea Stadium concert, taken by an amateur photographer who bluffed his way backstage, sold for £30,000 at auction. Marc Weinstein used a fake press pass to get next to the stage for the historic New York show. His 61 black and white images with copyright fetched £30,680, the successful bidder was a South American gentleman currently living in Washington who is a huge collector of Beatles memorabilia.

March 25

1964 (Mar 25) - Beatles 'Top of the Pops' Performance Airs

The Beatles made their debut on UK TV show Top Of The Pops performing ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ and ‘You Can’t Do That.’ The show had been recorded on March 19th.

1966 (Mar 25) - 'Yesterday and Today' Butcher Cover Photoshoot

At a photo session at Bob Whitaker’s studio in London, The Beatles posed in white coats using sides of meat with mutilated and butchered dolls for the cover of their next American album, Yesterday and Today. After advance copies were sent to disc jockeys and record reviewers, negative reaction to the cover photo was so strong Capitol recalled 750,000 copies from distributors to replace the cover. The total cost to Capitol to replace the cover and promotional materials was $250,000, wiping out their initial profit.

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