This Day in Beatle History

June 14

1965 (Jun 14) - Multiple Songs, Inc. 'Yesterday' Recorded

The Beatles record “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” “I’m Down,” and “Yesterday.”

1967 (Jun 14) - Beatles Record 'All You Need Is Love'

The Beatles record “All You Need Is Love.”

1975 (Jun 14) - Beatles Inspired 'Sister Golden Hair' #1 in the US

America’s “Sister Golden Hair” hits #1 in the US. The song is produced by George Martin and contains a guitar riff borrowed from George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord.”

2012 (Jun 14) - Ringo's Birth Place Saved From Demolition

Ringo Starr’s birthplace in Liverpool was saved from the threat of demolition. The house, a run-down three-bedroom Victorian terrace, was one of 400 buildings marked for demolition in the Dingle area of Liverpool, but Beatles fans and city residents had successfully lobbied to save the house, along with 15 others in the area. The Liverpool City Council has agreed to give locals the opportunity to fix up the properties.

2016 (Jun 14) - Former Wings Guitarist Heny McCullough Dies

Irish rock guitarist, Henry McCullough died after never fully recovering from a severe heart attack he had suffered four years earlier. He recorded with Paul McCartney and Wings, featuring on the hit James Bond theme, ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘My Love’, the solo which he made up on the spot in front of a live orchestra. He was also a member of Spooky Tooth and The Grease Band.

2017 (Jun 14) - Yoko Gets Credit for 'Imagine'

The National Music Publishers Association gives Yoko Ono the Centennial Award for song of the century and adds her name to the credits of the award-winning song, “Imagine.” John Lennon took the sole credit, but later admitted he got the idea from Yoko’s book Grapefruit, where she wrote things like, “Imagine 1000 suns in the sky at the same time.”

June 15

1968 (Jun 15) - John & Yoko Appear Publicly As A Couple

John and Yoko plant an acorn for peace in Coventry. It is the first recorded public appearance of the couple as a duo.

1996 (Jun 15) - George Martin Knighted

Beatles producer George Martin is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

2002 (Jun 15) -Autographed Copy of Sgt Pepper Auctioned

A rare autographed copy of The Beatles’ album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band sold at auction for £34,000 ($57,800), more than five times the estimated price.

2008 (Jun 15) - Liverpool Voted England's 'Most Musical City'

Liverpool was voted England’s most musical city in a national campaign set up by the Arts Council. The home of The Beatles Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and The Zutons took 49% of the vote in an online poll set up by the funding body. Sheffield – which brought the world the Arctic Monkeys and Pulp – came second, while Manchester with Oasis, Stone Roses and The Smiths came third.

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